My name is Mike and this is my newsletter. I talk about design. I talk about ethics, as they relate to design. I talk about mental health. Occasionally I’ll mention a movie, a book, or a record I’m enjoying.

Because I’ve got a book coming out there’ll be the occasional book excerpt. I also travel a lot, so I’ll let you know where I’m going so you can either hang out or avoid me. It’s handy for both. I’ll also tell you about stories I’ve published.

But mostly it’ll be just us talking. Which sounds nice.

Why the hell should I subscribe to this?

Well, you shouldn’t. You should go outside and plant a garden. You should start a band! You should go explore every part of the world you’ve ever wanted to see. You should learn Italian, French, or Tagalog. You should volunteer your time to an organization that works with disadvantaged youth. You should go teach an ESL class for immigrants at the local community college. You should spend your time tracking down abusive priests, like some sacred Punisher-type.

Those are the things you should do. And I encourage you to do them.

Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter because you want to. In addition to doing some of those things above.

How often will this shit hit my inbox?

I want to say weekly, but let’s not kid ourselves. It’s going to be gloriously erratic. But hand to god I will try to do it at least monthly.

Are you going to eventually charge us for this newsletter like other people on Substack?

Nope. I can’t imagine asking you to pay for this. Especially when I’m using it to promote stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I very much want your money. But not for a newsletter.

I may at some point start charging for “premium content,” whatever the good god fuck that might be. But who knows what the future brings. Other than death.

Who did that drawing in the header, and is it supposed to be you?

My friend, the wonderful Kate Bingaman-Burt. And yes.

Is there any hope for the world?


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