The Collected Angers

Jesus take the wheel. There is a lot going on right now. I will keep this short.

Because I am a genius of timing, I have chosen the usually relatively calm time of early January to launch a new book. It came out today. The Collected Angers is pretty much what it says on the tin — a collection of old stuff.

For ten years or so I’ve been putting down my thoughts on design, and technology, and ethics. Essay after essay. Some of those essays get turned into talks, some of them get blown out into books, but the essay has always been the native form for all these. I am, at heart, an essay writer. I love the form. It's long enough to be nuanced, and short enough to get it out immediately. All the essays here have already appeared somewhere. Some might be familiar. But I thought it'd be nice to get them all in one book. Cause man I love holding a book, and flipping through it, and writing notes in the margins. Also, I added a bunch of footnotes to the essays. So that’s new.

The book is broken up into three sections: the more recent stuff on ethics, responsibility, and race; a section where I throw rocks at Silicon Valley; and a more practical section about design basics, which is where this whole mess got started. I just wanted to help you get paid, remember that? Lordy, it’s been a journey.

The book is a hardbound volume. It’s handsome. There’s a picture of my dog on the back. So that’s something.


It’s available at, which is where I hope you’ll buy it because they help out small independent bookstores, which is nice. It’s also available at other places, and as an ebook. You can also ask your local bookstore to order it, and if enough people do that they may even put it on the shelf. (While you’re at your local bookstore consider buying ten more books. They’re hurting.)

Oh, and if you’re up for it, we’re having a launch party on Tuesday, further attempted coups permitting, at Quarantine Book Club. It would be nice to see you. I miss your face.

Also, if you work at a library and you want a book, hit me up. I’ll see what I can do.

Please be safe out there, shit is nuts.

🍑 Thank you Georgia.

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